Shift – One Month Post-Mortem and Future Plans

Greetings folks!

It has officially been one month today since I released my new game Shift (now available on the Google Play store for all Android devices), and boy, is there a lot I’ve learned and want to share.

Personally, launching this game has provided me with a sense of validation, as while I was promoting my game I received a lot of positive feedback towards the game concept. So no matter how this game fares, I am 100% proud to showcase this game as part of my library.

With that said, watching other people play your game gives a new sense of perspective, and I’ve received a lot more feedback that I will be implementing into the game. So here’s some plans for the immediate future:

  • I will be reevaluating the first 50 levels or so of the game. I’ve noticed that the learning curve is a lot more steep that I assumed, and it appears that it may be leading to frustration and uninstallations of the game. Finding a balance is a delicate thing, so the next update will have a revamped opening set of levels, that will hopefully provide a learning curve more accessible to players. Whether or not that is enough remains to be seen.
  • More platforms! Right now the Android platform is a great start as a gaming platform for shift, but I will commence work on a PC port as well. The ultimate goal here is to create a similar game, but with exclusive levels to the version (which is possible due to the larger screen size).
  • A graphics update. Not sure what exactly I’m going to change, but a graphics refresh will be in the works as well!

Nonetheless, this past month has been a hell of a lot of fun. Big thanks to a whole bunch of people:

  • My Beta testers (who are appropriately credited in the game).
  • The folks at the Capital Gaming Expo who helped me out with a booth on short notice.
  • The Toronto Gamedev community for embracing and helping promote the game (here’s looking at you!)
  • Anyone who has played the game.

I’m still here, and am not going anywhere. Follow me on twitter, instagram, and facebook!


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