Capital Gaming Expo Roundup

Capital Gaming Expo Roundup

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Capital Gaming Expo in Ottawa, ON to celebrate the release of my first video game release, Shift.

This was a first for me in many ways: first solo game, first solo booth, first solo demo of a finished product. The only part that made me nervous was the thought of whether or not people would like the game.

I’d say it went pretty well.

Nearly every person that came to the booth had a positive response to the game concept and design. If they didn’t right away, their opinion would be swayed by the time they left the booth. As soon as the first set of demos was done, I was flying high the rest of the weekend.

The Capital Gaming Expo is the first indie video game show I’ve been in a while, since Gamercamp actually. Sidebar for those who don’t know: Gamercamp was a special indie video game showcase held in Toronto where a bunch of studios would get together and showcase their games in a unique and intimate setting.

This expo had indie developers from all over Ottawa, as well as outside of it. I have to give credit to the Hand Eye Society, for if it wasn’t for their newsletters, I wouldn’t have found out about this in the first place.

For it’s first incarnation under new ownership, I’d say that the expo was a success overall from what I could see. As a solo booth I had minimal time to roam, but it looked like other booths were having a good time showcasing their stuff. I sure as hell did.

A special thank you goes out to everyone who came to chat with me at the booth. It gave me a sense of validation that I am on to something with this game, and a sense of enjoyment watching you all play it.

To the Capital Gaming Expo organizers for putting this show on, thank you for having me!

So what’s next? I’ve applied to more expos and conventions in the GTA area so you may see me around. I’ll keep working on Shift creating more levels, game modes and fixing bugs along the way.

I will put a photo album up on the Facebook page, so head there for photos from the expo.

Until next time!



New Blog, Same Power

Well, with a new game coming out, might as well try and talk about thoughts I have that are longer than 140 characters.

The fact is I have no idea how this blog will go. I might use this to cross promote, but I want to try and provide exclusive content that you can’t find on other social media accounts.

This is actually a surreal moment. This is the first time in nine months that I haven’t stressed out about the actual code of my game, but more about the promotion. I guess that’s progress?

But I actually never thought I’d make it to this day. The fact is, all other games I’ve made in the past have never seen the light of day. But this one will.

This game will likely fall by the wayside amongst all of the other independent game created, but I’ll be damned if I don’t go down swinging.

I mean, chances of this succeeding are likely well over one in a million but as the saying goes…


Game on.